Marketing Overview

Marketing Overview on Digital and Traditional Methods


Marketing Overview
Marketing Overview



In Marketing Overview, we will cover marketing fundamentals and an overview about digital marketing.  A little brief on the same is given hereunder:


1. What is Marketing and Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

2. Why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing.

3. Digital Marketing Processes and Techniques

4. Inbound and Outbound Marketing

5. Types of Leads and Understanding about conversions.

6. Digital Marketing Strategies.

7. Examples of Great Case Studies.

8. Role of digital marketing in current advertising world.

9. Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing.


In this chapter, you will learn more about the marketing strategies adopted in digital world and how it is different from traditional methods.  Basically our traditional methods are Brochure Distribution, TV Ads, Newspaper Ads, Hoarding etc etc.


How Digital Marketing is Different from Traditional Marketing


The basic difference in both of them is that in digital marketing you can control the geographical locations through different methods and can control things based on its behaviour.


In digital marketing, you can make strategy based on the previous ads and also can analyse various ads with one to another through A/B Testing method.  When you can analyse the things, you have the option of focusing and targeting the potential buyers.


Even in digital marketing you can analyse the things very minutely and as a digital marketer you can prove the things that your working has increased the customer base of your customer.


In digital marketing, you can check and place ads based on gender, geography, behaviour and much more options are there.  While in traditional marketing all these parameters cannot be covered and you do not have the control on your ads.


Even if, somewhere you are able to analyse the things in digital marketing but still there will be a problem of placing ads based on that.


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